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Sergey Deyev, Galina Proshkina, Anastasiya Ryabova, Francesco Tavanti, Maria Cristina Menziani, Gennady Eidelshtein, Gavriel Avishai, and Alexander Kotlyar  Synthesis, Characterization, and Selective Delivery of DARPin−Gold Nanoparticle Conjugates to Cancer Cells Bioconjugate Chemistry 2017 2569-2574 
Gennady Eidelshtein, Moran Fattal, Gavriel Avishai, Benjamin Kempinski, Clelia Giannini and Alexander Kotlyar Preparation, Characterization and Manipulation of Conjugates between Gold Nanoparticles and DNA Nanomaterials 2016 167-175 
Gennady Eidelshtein , Natalie Fardian-Melamed , Vitaly Gutkin , Dmitry Basmanov , Dmitry Klinov , Dvir Rotem , Yael Levi-Kalisman , Danny Porath and Alexander Kotlyar  Synthesis and Properties of Novel Silver-Containing DNA Molecules Advanced Materials 2016 4839–4844 
G. Eidelshtein, A. Kotlyar, M. Hashemi, L. Gurevich Aligned deposition and electrical measurements on single DNA molecules Nanotechnology 2015 475102 (8pp) 
Livshits G.I., Stern A., Rotem D., Borovok N., Eidelshtein G., Migliore A., Penzo E., Wind S.J., Di Felice R., Skourtis S.S, Cuevas J.C., Gurevich L., Kotlyar A.B., Porath D. Long-range charge transport in single G4-DNA molecules. Nature Nanotechnology  2014 1040-1046 
Campos R., Kotlyar A.,Ferapontova E.E.  DNA-mediated Electron Transfer in DNA Duplexes Tethered to Gold Electrodes via Phosphorothioated dA Tags  Langmuir  2014 11853−11857  
Livshits G.I., Ghabboun J., Borovok N., Kotlyar A.B., Porath D.  Comparative Electrostatic Force Microscopy of Tetra‐and Intra‐molecular G4‐DNA Advanced Materials  2014 4981–4985 
Halamish S, Eidelshtein G, Kotlyar A. Plasmon-Coupled Nanostructures Comprising Finite Number of Gold Particles. Plasmonics 2013 745–748 
I. Roger-Eitan, K. Liu, G.I. Livshits, N. Borovok, D. Rotem, A.B. Kotlyar, D. Porath  High-Resolution Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Imaging of Biotin–Avidin–G4-DNA Molecules J. Phys. Chem. C  2013 22462-22465 
Eidelshtein G, Halamish S, Lubitz I, Anzola M, Giannini C, Kotlyar A. Synthesis and Properties of Conjugates Between Silver Nanoparticles and DNA-PNA Hybrids. Self-Assembly and Molecular Electronics 2013 69-84 
Roger-Eitan I., Liu K, Livshits G.I., Borovok N., Rotem D., Kotlyar A.B., Porath D.  High-Resolution Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Imaging of Biotin–Avidin–G4-DNA Molecules. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2013 22462-22465 
Borovok N, Gillon E, Kotlyar A.  Synthesis and Assembly of Conjugates Bearing Specific Numbers of DNA Strands per Gold Nanoparticle.  Bioconjugate Chemistry 2012 464-470 
Lubitz I, Kotlyar A.  G4-DNA-coated gold nanoparticles: synthesis and assembly. Bioconjugate Chemistry 2011 2043-2047 
Lubitz I, Kotlyar A.  Self-assembled G4-DNA-silver nanoparticle structures. Bioconjugate Chemistry 2011 482–487 
Zikich D, Liu K, Sagiv L, Porath D, Kotlyar A.  I-motif nanospheres: unusual self-assembly of long cytosine strands. Small 2011 1029-1034 
Shapir E, Brancolini G, Molotsky T, Kotlyar A, Di Felice R, Porath D.  Energy gap reduction in DNA by complexation with metal ions Advanced Materials 2011 4290-4294 
Kovalska V. B, Losytskyy M. Y, Yarmoluk S. M, Lubitz I, Kotlyar A. Mono and Trimethine Cyanines Cyan 40 and Cyan 2 as Probes for Highly Selective Fluorescent Detection of Non-canonical DNA Structures Journal of Fluorescence 2011 223-230 
Zikich D, Lubitz I, Kotlyar A.  Ag+ -Induced Arrangement of Poly(dC) into Compact Ring-shaped Structures. IREBIC 2010 1-6 
Changenet-Barret P, Emanuele E, Gustavsson T, Kotlyar A, Markovitsi D, Improta R, Zikich D, Zakrzewska K.  Optical Properties of Guanine Nanowires: Experimental and Theoretical Study The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2010 14339–14346 
Vayá I, Changenet-Barret P, Gustavsson T, Zikich D, Kotlyar AB, Markovitsi D. Long-lived fluorescence of homopolymeric guanine-cytosine DNA duplexes Photochem Photobiol Sci 2010 1193-1195 
Malchin N, Molotsky T, Borovok I, Voziyanov Y, Kotlyar AB, Yagil E, Kolot M.  High Efficiency of a Sequential Recombinase-Mediated Cassette Exchange Reaction in Escherichia coli. Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology 2010 117-122 
Zikich D, Borovok N, Molotsky T, Kotlyar A. Synthesis and AFM Characterization of Poly(dG)-poly(dC)-gold Nanoparticle Conjugates. Bioconjugate Chemistry 2010 544-547 
Kotlyar AB, Randazzo A, Honbo N, Jin ZQ, Karliner JS, Cecchini G. Cardioprotective activity of a novel and potent competitive inhibitor of lactate dehydrogenase FEBS Letters 2010 159-165 
Lubitz I, Zikich D, Kotlyar A. Specific high-affinity binding of Thiazole Orange to Triplex and G-quadruplex DNA Biochemistry 2010 3567-3574 
Molotsky T, Tamarin T, Ben Moshe A, Markovich G, Kotlyar A.  Synthesis of chiral silver clusters on a DNA template  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2010 15951–15954 
Lubitz I, Zikich D, Kotlyar A. Specific High-Affinity Binding of Thiazole Orange to Triplex and G-Quadruplex DNA Biochemistry 2010 3567–3574 
Shapir E, Sagiv L, Molotsky T, Kotlyar A, Di Felice R, Porath D. Electronic Structure of G4-DNA by Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2010 22079–22084 
Hegedüs E., Kókai E., Kotlyar A., Dombrádi V., Szabó G. Separation of 1-23-kb complementary DNA strands by urea-agarose gel electrophoresis  Nucleic Acid Research 2009 e112 
Shapir E., Cohen H., Calzolari A., Cavazzoni C., Ryndyk D. A., Cuniberti G., Kotlyar A., Di Felice R., Porath D. Electronic structure of single DNA molecules resolved by transverse scanning tunnelling spectroscopy  Nature Materials 2008  68-74 
Borovok, N, Iram, N, Zikich, D, Ghabboun, J, Livshits, GI, Porath, D, Kotlyar A. Assembling of G-strands into novel tetra-molecular parallel G4-DNA nanostructures using avidin-biotin recognition . Nucleic Acids Research 2008 5050-5060 
Borovok N., Molotsky T. , Ghabboun J., Porath D., Kotlyar A.  Efficient procedure of preparation and properties of long uniform G4-DNA nanowires Analytical Biochemistry 2008 71-78 
Malchin N., Molotsky T., Yagil E., Kotlyar A., Kolot M. Molecular analysis of recombinase-mediated cassette exchange reactions catalyzed by integrase of coliphage HK022 Research in Microbioligy 2008 663-670 
Gepshtein R., Huppert D., Lubitz I., Amdursky N., Kotlyar A.B.  Radiationless Transitions of G4 Wires and dGMP  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2008 12249-12258 
Shapir E., Sagiv L., Borovok N., Molotski T., Kotlyar A. B, Porath D. High-resolution STM imaging of novel single G4 DNA molecules The Journal of Physical Chemistry B  2008 9267-9269 
Bardavid Y., Ghabboun J., Porath D., Kotlyar A.B., Yitzchaik S. Formation of polyaniline layer on DNA by electrochemical polymerization Polymer 2008 2217–2222 
Cohen H., Sapir T., Borovok N., Molotsky T., Felice R., Kotlyar A. B., Porath D. Polarizability of G4-DNA Observed by Electrostatic Force Microscopy Measurements  Nano Letters 2007 981-986 
Bortolotti C. A., Borsari M., Sola M., Chertkova R., Dolgikh D., Kotlyar A., Facci P. Orientation-dependent Kinetics of Heterogeneous Electron Transfer for Cytochrome c Immobilized on Gold: Electrochemical Determination and Theoretical Prediction  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C  2007 12100–12105 
Klinov D., Atlasov K., Kotlyar A., Dwir B., Kapon E. DNA Nanopositioning and Alignment by Electron-Beam-Induced Surface Chemical Patterning Nano Letters 2007 3583-3587 
Grivennikova V. G., Kotlyar A. B., Karliner J. S., Cecchini G., Vinogradov A. D. Redox-dependent change of nucleotide affinity to the active site of the mammalian complex I Biochemistry 2007 10971-10978 
Ghabboun J., Sowwan M., Cohen H., Molotsky T., Borovok N., Dwir B., Kapon E., Kotlyar A., Porath D. Specific and efficient adsorption of phosphorothioated DNA on Au-based surfaces and electrodes  Applied Physics Letters 2007 173101-173104 
Klinov D., Dwir B., Kapon E., Borovok N., Molotsky T., Kotlyar A.B. High-resolution atomic-force imaging of duplex and triplex DNA molecules  Nanotechnology  2007 225102 (8pp) 
Lubitz I., Borovok N., Kotlyar A.B. Interaction of monomolecular G4-DNA nanowires with TMPyP: evidence for intercalation Biochemistry 2007 12925-12929 
Borovok N., Molotsky T., Ghabboun J., Cohen H., Porath D., Kotlyar A. Poly(dG)-poly(dC) DNA appears shorter than poly(dA)-poly(dT) and possibly adopts an A-related conformation on a mica surface under ambient conditions  FEBS Letters 2007 5843-5846 
Shapir E, Cohen H, Borovok N, Kotlyar A, Porath D. High-resolution STM imaging of novel poly(G)-poly(C) DNA molecules. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B  2006  4430-4433 
Bardavid, Y., Kotlyar A. B., Yitzchaik S. Conducting polymer coated DNA. Macromolecular Symposia. 2006 102-106 
Lomanets O, Shemer G, Markovich G, Molotsky T, Lubovich I, Kotlyar A.  Chirality of silver nanoparticles synthesized on DNA. Journal of the American Chemical Society  2006 11006 –11007  
Kotlyar A.B., Borovok N., Molotsky T., Fadeev L., Gozin M. In Vitro synthesis of uniform Poly(dG)-Poly(dC) by Klenow exo– fragment of Polymerase I.  Nucleic Acids Research 2005 525-535 
Tenger K., Khoroshyy P., Leitgeb B., Rakhely G., Borovok N., Kotlyar A. B., Dolgikh D.A., Zimanyi L. Complex kinetics of the electron transfer between the photoactive redox label TUPS and the heme of cytochrome c  Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2005 1520-1526 
Belgorodsky, L. Fadeev, V. Ittah, H. Benyamini, S. Zelner, D. Huppert, A. B. Kotlyar, M. Gozin Formation and characterization of stable human serum albumin-tris-malonic acid [C60]fullerene complex  Bioconjugate Chemistry 2005 1058-1062 
Kotlyar A, Borovok N, Molotsky T, Klinov D, Dwir B, Kapon E. Synthesis of novel poly(dG)-poly(dG)-poly(dC) triplex structure by Klenow exo- fragment of DNA polymerase I.  Nucleic Acids Research 2005 6515-6521 
Shapir E, Yi J, Cohen H, Kotlyar A, Cuniberti G, Porath D. The Puzzle of Contrast Inversion In DNA STM Imaging. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B  2005 14270 -14274 
Kotlyar A.B., Karliner J.S., Cecchini G. A novel strong competitive inhibitor of complex I  FEBS Letters  2005 4861-4866 
Kotlyar A, Borovok N, Molotsky T, Cohen H, Shapir E, Porath D. Long Monomolecular G4-DNA Nanowires. Advanced Materials 2005 1901- 1905 
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